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Have you deleted files which you need? Yes, I have encountered this situation and I have got the deleted files back at the end.
Search it from Recycle Bin
When a file is deleted from your computer it is not really delete. It is simply removed from the directory of files in the folder. Even though you can no longer see the file in the folder, its contents still exist 100% intact at this point. So the first step is to make absolutely sure that it has been deleted. Open your Windows Recycle Bin and double-check. Is it in there? If so, simply right-click on the file, choose Restore and you can Get deleted files back.

Use data recovery software to undelete it
If you have emptied your recycle bin since deleting the file or folder you need, you still have an option to get the deleted files back. File Recovery Assist is a power file recovery utility that can help you to get your deleted file back. After you install it in your computer, you can start it and scan a disk where files are to be recovered. Wait some minutes, it will display every file on the disk that was deleted and might be recoverable. Then you can double-click on them to preview them and you can recover them to directory which you set.

Note: Files removed from your recycle bin MAY NOT have the same name as when you deleted it. For instance, if I delete the file ""SkypeSetup.exe"", it may appear in Restoration as ""DC209.exe"".

We hope this helps you to get your deleted files back.

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