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Rick just recently bought a new PC system which came preloaded with Windows 7. In the past time, he always use keylogger software to monitor his child"s operation on the home computer. But now, the keylogger software can just run under Windows XP, it can not run under Windows 7.

From Yahoo Answers we can know quite a few folks have encountered the problem, so Rick is not alone. More and more people are using Windows 7 as their operation system nowadays, so there is great demand for keylogger monitoring software which is compatible with Windows 7. But as Windows 7 has just come out for a short time, there is little Windows 7 monitoring software in the software market. And some claim to work with Windows 7 but in fact they are just cheating on customers.

I have a lot of testing among the most popular keyloggers and find the one which fully supports Windows 7. It"s all features work fine under Windows 7 and it"s customer support is excellent. For more detail about the Keylogger please Click [ Keylogger For Windows 7 ].

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